Jun 11

Be A Wise Traveler, Purchase Annual Travel Insurance

A wise traveler always purchases travel insurance before departing on any trip, but an even wiser one purchases annual travel insurance and doesnt have to think about it again for the rest of the year. Annual travel insurance is ideal for any Australian who travels frequently and wants to remain protected in the case of any emergencies while abroad.

Annual travel insurance provides liability protection and coverage against certain extenuating circumstances that are outside of your control according to the need you outline when purchasing your travel plan. Premiums for annual travel insurance are priced in direct relation to the length of your trip, the destinations you are traveling to, and the amount of coverage you are seeking. Therefore, you are able to get an annual travel insurance plan that is catered specifically to your trip needs.

Medical annual travel insurance
Its so important to have medical insurance when you are traveling. You never know when you are going to get sick, break a bone, or suffer some other type of medical emergency that will require you to seek medical attention. Having annual travel insurance that includes medical coverage can cover you against expensive medical fees and procedures that can wipe out your bank account.

Trip interruption & cancelation
If you travel frequently then you know the chaos that cancelled or delayed trips can bring. Even a one hour delay can cause you to miss your connecting flight, be late for a once in a lifetime business meeting, and result in you missing the cruise of your dreams. Illness, accidents, and sudden changes in your schedule can also wreck havoc on plans. Dont become a victim of circumstance when you can purchase trip interruption and cancelation insurance. This policy can help protect you whether you are on a business trip or vacation and keep you from being held personally liable for non-refundable fees and deposits.

Purchasing annual travel insurance can help:

Save money: Travel insurance policies all vary in price but annual travel insurance offers a discount in price compared to purchasing individual travel policies every time you travel.

Available for a family or group: Annual travel insurance often provides coverage for not just you but your entire family or a group of people. This means that for the cost of one insurance premium you can insure multiple people saving you the headache of extra paperwork and money.

You only apply once: One of the reasons that many people dont purchase travel insurance is because they dont want to be bothered with applying for it every time they leave, with annual travel insurance you only have to sign up once a year and you remain covered every single time you travel.


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